Sir Ragar Nichols :Raggy Nickels

Dark Skinned Midlunder, athletic build, ussually lightly inebriated


PHY Defense Skill Stat Rank Stat+Rank NOTES
str Initiative
prw Armor
INT Willpower
per Vitality
Weapon 1 Spell Cost Pow Range/AOE
Skill Pow P+S
Weapon 2
Skill Pow P+S


Ragar was a Knight under the Elsapth Nobility in the Thornwood region of Cygnar.

He mostly did escort from the family lands to Corvis and occasional sweeps for bandits.

With the second Thornwood war clearing most living creatures out of the area the Elspath family has fallen on very hard times, with only the Daughter left to hold the family business.

Unfortunately Rosaleena had to relieve all but the most necessary of retainers.

Ragar feels no animosity towards the family and will still do all he can to assist them if the needs arises.
He was recently recruited by the Flying Trollkin Mercenary company as an informant and tunnel rat. After all how often are bums and beggars given a second glance if even acknowledged.

Sir Ragar Nichols :Raggy Nickels

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