Puglist/Man-at-Arms ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ XP: 11


Phy: 7 (Vital: 14)
Spd: 6
Str: 7
Agl: 4
Prw: 5
Poi: 4
Int: 3
Arc: -
Per: 3

Will: 10
Init: 14
Def: 13
Arm: 14
Feats: 3


Mighty: +1 Damage Die to Melee Attacks.
Revitalize: Feat = PHY in vitality regained.
Shield Guard: Defend allies within 2".
Load Bearing: Reduce Armor SPD/DEF penalty by 1.
Hulking Presence: Boosted Intimidation Rolls.
Defender: Friendly attacked = Move 2" and Attack.
Retaliatory Strike: Feat = Retort vs Attacker.
Shield Slam: SLAM -2 Attack vs Larger targets.

Military Skills

Hand Weapon: 6
Unarmed Combat: 7
Great Weapon: 6
Shield: 6

Occupational Skills

Command: 1(S)
Craft (Blacksmith): 4
Detection: 5
Driving: 5
Intimidation: 8(Phy)
Jumping: 8
Riding: 5
Streetwise: 4

Maul (Mat: 6 P+S: 13) *Crit + Feat = d3" Knockback

Assassin’s Blade (Mat: 5 P+S: 11) *+2 Damage to Back Strikes.

Combat Shield (Mat: 5 P+S: 10) *+1 Armor Frontal

Backpack w/Basic Equipment (Bedroll/Rope 50’/Grapple Hook/Firestarter/1wk Rations/Spare Clothing)

GC: 5


“Jakubo” born the second son of an a commoner from southern Umbrey, having ‘lost’ her first son to Khadoran conscription she did not want this fate for her youngest. So she set off with the young boy to Ord. Upon reaching the city of Fellig, she fell ill and before she passed away she spent the last of her money to pay a Rhulic carnie to take the boy far away and keep him safe, the boy for the longest time believe his mother sold him into slavery.

He began this new life working for “Brogan and Sons” Traveling Carnival of Wonders. At first he helped by setting up and taking down tents and other carnival attractions, and soon became the personal assistant to “Mogar the Mighty” the Ogrun strong man. Mogar had a serious gambling problem and enjoyed visiting various fighting arenas, and one day to settle a debt he owed he sold the naive boy to the arena manager, who in turn quickly made the boy one of his gladiators.

Now at the age of 20 in Five Fingers, he stood poised for the greatest match of his life against 5 other men in a death match to become the division champion, on the line is his freedom and his life. During this match he sees Mogar in the crowd cheering and placing bets, this was the final straw in a long line of insults, overcome by emotions he transforms into a Warpwolf and slaughters his way through the crowd and clashes with Mogar the mighty. The next thing he knows he wakes up in a pool of blood, with the division championship belt his symbol of freedom clutched in his hands.

“Its been a long night.. lets get you washed up.. and find you some food..” comes from behind him, he replies “Do you know what happened..” the Man obviously a Warcaster looks up the street back towards the arena, says “Nope, but my guess would be you won!”

Now he works for D&G Transport and Trading Company as the Quartermaster and occasional First Mate on board the “Legacy Reborn”, while he tries to learn to control this strange fury within him.


Action in Immoren Coronado kallador316