David Ramirez de Cardrona

Ordic Warcaster/Duelist/Highwayman ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ XP: 42


Phy: 6 (Vitality: 14)
Spd: 6(7)
Str: 6
Agl: 5
Prw: 4
Poi: 4
Int: 3
Arc: 4
Per: 4

Will: 9
Init: 17
Def: 16
Arm: 13

Feats: 3
Ctrl Area: 8"
Com-Rng: 7"

Combat Caster: Roll 3k2 for Magic Attacks.
Additional Study: Gain new spell from career list. (Bullet Dodger)
Bond: Allows a Focuser to bond to equipment and Jacks’.
Parry: Cannot be targeted by free strikes.
Riposte: 1/rd if Missed = Free normal attack.
Two-Weapon Fighting: -2 to Attack with Off-hand Strikes.
Quick Work: Melee kill = Free Ranged Attack.
Ambush: boost Attack & Damage during first strike.
Fast Draw: +2 Init/Additional quick action for drawing weapons.
*Hit the Deck!: Go Prone to take no AoE damage.

Military Skills
Hand Weapon: 6
Pistol: 6

Occupational Skills
Command: 2(S)
Detection: 6
Etiquette: 1(S)
Mech Engineer: 4
Negotiation: 1(S)
Intimidation: 1(S)
Navigation: 6
Riding: 7
Sailing (8/5)
Swimming 7

Ordic Navy – Independent Privateer (Good Standing)
Mercarian League – Contributing Member (Neutral Standing)
Church of Morrow – Contributing Member (Neutral Standing)

Reforged Orgoth Short Sword (Mat: 6 P+S: 11)
(Alch. Capacitor) RP: 3 [Bond Plate/Power]
(2 Spare Capacitors)

Repeating Pistol (Rat: 6 Rng: 8 Pow: 10)
*Ammo: 5 (2 Reloads)

Holdout-Dueling Dagger (Mat/Rat: 7(5) Rng: 4" P+S: 8 Pow: 8)
*Ammo: 1 (5 Reloads)

Med. Warcaster Armor (Spd: 0 Def: -1 Arm: 7)
(Power Field: 6/Runeplates: Fleet [+1 Spd and Def])

Backpack w/Basic Equipment (Bedroll/Rope 50’/Grapple Hook/Firestarter/1wk Rations/Spare Clothing)
waterproof Cigar Case w/Cigars
Shaded Goggles

“Legacy Reborn” Carre Dovan 25ft. Pinnace-class Ship
(Def: 12/Arm: 13/Cargo: 3 Tons/Spd: 6-9/Crew: 5) 4 Deck Guns

GC: 2832

Spells Cost/Rng/AOE/Pow/Up/Off
Bullet Dodger: 2/ 6/ -/ -/ Yes/ No *+2 Def vs Ranged and add Dodger ability.
Hot Shot: 2/ 6/ -/ -/ Yes/ No *Target gains boosted ranged damage.
Gallows: 3/ 10/ -/ 13/ No/ Yes *Target pulled d6".
Eliminator: 3/ 8/ 3/ 13/ No/ Yes *+2" Advance per Kill.


One of eight children, his father is the youngest son to his father the Lord Castellian, who married for love his wife the cousin of Izabella Madeu. Izabella’s power now is unquestionable, but in her quest for power used her cousin to take his postion as a Lord Castellian. In time she would even take his estate, through her cousin and her girls. As a boy, young David lived on his family estate were he got to know his family and heritage. His uncle Luis would tell him wild stories of his encounters with the Nightmare Empire, and how he believed that Madam Madeu was involved with them. Everytime he would bring up
her name David’s grandmother would always say “Hush now Lui! you’ll give the boy nightmares!” It was during these years David met his first companion, Christina Cabrera. A young tomboy who loved running off with young David and fighting imaginary undead legions in the woods, they always spoke of when they got older they would join the fleet and fight the Cryx.

It was only a year or two later that his mother and father were call to do missionary work for the church, and in the next few years he found himself wandering with his family all over Ord and parts of Cygnar. It wasn’t until they where in Five Fingers that his whole young life would change. While living in Five Fingers his parents worked for the church and spent their days bringing the mercy to the people. While they brought mercy, young David now 14 was learning about the crime and suffering. He made a friend in a young halfbreed street tough named Emmanuel Sanchez. The two became street thieves stealing from anyone more fortunate than them, it was during these days he and Manuel stole a crate of weapons from a gang.

They came looking for retribution, the two fought them, and in a flash of arcane power the two of them wiped the whole gang out. It was here that a Llaelese Gun Mage by the name of La’Rochelle saw them and sought them out. Offering Emmanuel a better life and young David the dream he wished for, the two soon found themselves in the service.

David now age 20, was a full fledged Ordic Warcaster found his first station aboard the frigate “Goldenhawk” he was made the new First Mate in order to be trained for command. After several partols he was revered as a skilled navigator, being assigned for a special mission the “Goldenhawk” along with three other ships were chosen to aid the Cygnarian Navy off the coasts of Sul. They came under attack by a fleet of Cryxian ships, with the Captain and over half the crew killed, the ship crippled and taking on more water than it was trending, he was forced to scuddle the ship off the coast of Sul.

After being held as spies by the Sul-Menites, a few of the crewmen were killed as heretics and pirates. It was while being held by the Menites his childhood friend Christina broke him out and smuggled him out with an archeological shipment, headed to secret benefactors in Cygnar. Where he were once again questioned considering there mission was a secret, it took almost three years before David found himself back in Ord.

Being that his commission was up, he decided to take up an offer made by Fleet Admiral Marina Valentino, to serve Ord as an independent contractor, with his own letter of marque for a privateer ship.

David now age 25, he found himself in Carre Dova, working for a shipbuilder and at the same time seeking out information about the loss of his family estate. He is where he met Gwendolyn Goforth the youngest daughter of a cardovar horse breeder. Her stepfather, a skilled shipbuilder helped him build his first ship the “Occuptional Hazard” a small Pinnace-class ship. After marrying his daughter, he gifted them with their second ship, the “Half Hand Heart” a small Caravel-class ship.

Resently, he was working on setting up profitable trade routes with other territories, when he got pulled into a conspiracy among the Four Captains of Five Fingers. That has led to the death of one Captain and the whole situation is shrouded in some ancient evil that stems back before the Orgoth.

David Ramirez de Cardrona

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