Action in Immoren

Session 17
The Fallen Beast falls at the Fell sorcerers fallen feet

Priest Dominic Deegan immediately recognized one of the names in the blood oath. Rupen Myre is the owner of a middenstone factory by the river. Just a year ago he redid the church walls with middenstone. It was done very quickly and at an incredible price for the church.

They headed towards teh abondended church as it was closer. At the church they found a passage leading down into a series of caves. They found Keeper Myre at an alchemist table brewing something.

they snuck up on him, he had gagged himself with leather with runes he remmebred from teh book.

Suddendly the invisble creature showed up, exploding from under the ground.

Everyone ALPHA struck teh creature, Firestar hit with a HEx blast, temporarily dropping the creature invisibility.

It magical Camoflauge dropped.
It was a big scary cow!!!!
It wasnt invisible, it was Cow-moflauged!

{still creating adventure log.}

Session 16
The Sky begins to fall

Exemplar Grigorii and Senior Paladin Fjordvic have been ordered/requested to meet with Scrutator Udina in Leyrn.
Entering the meeting room of the the main temple they were introduced with Priestess Kytyaryya At Scrutator Udin’s behest she retold her the vision that convinced teh Iosan council to seek aid.

In short time there will be a large object fall from the sky at the far most north western reaches of Immoren. The Iosans’ believe it to be a building or part of a structure that has broken from Ur-Caen, smashed through the void and will fall to Caen.

The conversation is cut short by screaming and chanting outside.
The sky has a ribbon of multiple colors, at the lead is a large fireball.
Before they can begin to really discus it, the telltale shake of the earth announces it has landed. Following the streak they deduce with great certainty that the object has landed in Riversmet.

Scrutator Udina is unable to deny this occurrence. Either the elves where wrong on the when and where, or this is just a portion to fall through before the vision inducing chunk.

Udina grabs the nearest Soldier, Arms Master Brickton and orders him to set travel as quickly as possible for this team. He also entrusts him with ensuring their equipment stays up to par.

A hard ride gets the team there near nightfall.
The Celestial object landed by great coincidence on the newly rebuilt garrison which was housing 100’s of Khadoran troops. The new garrison is now a large crater.

Inspecting the crater they see strange man with a labor jack assiting citizens in digging out bodies and equipment from the sunken ground. (Capt. Cidolphus “Cid” Avante) .

Off to another side was a very obvious Khadoran Warcaster (Fireheart) ordering around civilians getting recovery as quick as possible to any survivors in the crater.

Shortly after the Menites begin truly examining the crater a house not far behind them shatters outwards towards the street. There was no recognizable explosive sound except for the wood splintering and furniture flying out along with what looked like bodies.

The house is a mess. Furniture smashed, walls crumbled, and from the waist down a guard was used as a paintbrush to write unknown symbols on the wall in blood.

Investigating they find a tunnel that leads down into what used to be Orgoth burial chambers. In a large underground river with strange trees, they find the tunnel where some creature burrowed from the crater to the catacombs and up some stairs. They also found a book with rituals of unknown origin. Fireheart avidly started attempting to translate the writing.

Two bodies of cultists were found with wounds that seem very similar to a large ooze/leech found in the Bloodstone Marshes… although never this big and definitly not withthe strength to twist a person apart.

As they head up top they are at a loss for what to do when another house blasts open farther down the road.
Cid with his technology is able to harness a lightning bolt and blast the house. When they reach it, some invisible force is holding the ball lightning and disperses it into the ground.

The Exemplar Executioner invokes true sight to see the creature appear as a pool of liquid escaping out the window.

They lose track of it when it enters the sewers.

A this point the Fireheart discovers a passage (which they already read just a few moment ago but completely ignored) with the names of the cultists.

So they now head to the local church leader to see if he recognizes any of the names.

Tales Of Heros
Action in Immoren

This is the Campaign log for the ever changing adventures of my gaming group.

There are many changes in character and Location. Many of these changes are due to learning a new system and wanting to try different aspects of it.

There is one continuous story line with characters that do occasionally branch out into the other smaller story arcs.

The is the Adventures of the Flying Trollkin Mercenary Company.


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