Tiny Bronco

Cid's first flying creation.


The Tiny Bronco is the first of its kind, Captain Avante’s prototype flying machine.

Classification: Tiny Airship
Size: 12 ft. Long/6 ft. Wide
Balloon: Small (Shielded Materials – Single Storm Accumulator)
Lift Equipment: Single Storm Relay (Attached to the Accumulator)
Control/Navigational Equipment: Standard (Not Shielded)
Power Source: Standard Boiler (8 hrs Flight Time/Full)
Props: Twin Prop Propellers (Cruising Speed – 12.5 mph)
Glide Sails: None (10ft. per Turn Descent)
Sail Fins: Twin Tail Fins (1 Facing Per Turn)
Weapons/Equipment: None
Cargo Space: 1.5 Tons

Tiny Bronco

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