Priest Dominic Deegan

Long Brown hair, glasses, right leg is peg leg, Cane.


An old fashioned Adventurer and true believer.
he lost his leg just a few years ago when he led an expedition to save some lost children in the mountains.

There with the strength he credits to Menoth he fought off to Argus’ with nothing but a branch he picked up. The town folk who cam to help were able to get the kids to safety. Dominic lost his right leg but was still able to take down both beasts. The church goers ate well for weeks on Argus meat.

Now due to his injury he has taken to staying at the temple and assisting the town by offering counseling, emotional and spiritual aid. He has also taken to reading more about the world and gaining knowledge thorough literature that he will not be able to gain first hand.

Priest Dominic Deegan

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