Lt. Axton Bravosi

Soldier/Field Mechanik/Military Officer


Former Sergeant in the Cygnarian military working directly under a Major Apollonias, as his Warjack’s field mechanik he saw many engagements, until the day the Major and the rest of his unit where wiped out. Seeing his opportunity he salvaged together his Jack, “Apollo” named after the pieced together steamjacks former Master. Knowing that the whole unit was killed in action he began posing as a freelance Jack Mechanik, he and Apollo found work in Corvis before joining with the Flying Trollkin.

In his new post within the the Flying Trollkin they saved the city of Corvis on several occasions, for his actions the Cygnarian government granted him the rank of Lieutenant, and released him formally from service. He still helps Cygnar with information, in return they allow him curtain gear privileges. His work with the Order of Golden Crucible, has made him fond of them and the Crucible Guard.

Lt. Axton Bravosi

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