Haunter Rising

Here is the tale of how the mercenary known as Haunter came to be a living man powered by the undead.

It starts unremarkably. A soldier went to the war collages to become a Warcaster. He had average grades, and performed his duties to basic standards. Never once did he excel and show any real special abilities in any aspect of the schooling he received. He was your basic support Warcaster officer. Unknown to everyone else this was on purpose for he had some secrets that he needed to keep to stay alive. For he was Tharmite, and for such he would be a criminal if found out. So in secret he searched the collages for info on dark arts and the Cryx, which he had an interest in.

When he left the war collage for the Cygnar army he had learned a lot. He planned on finding a certain Lich with ability for turning people into puppets the he wanted to learn. So he made sure he was assigned a unit on the frontlines with the Cryx. There he would wait and hunt for that Lich to ether join or kill him for the secrets of Puppet Mastery. He would not have to wait long.

A battle had broken out on the front. On day which the Warcaster’s unit was sent to engage a Cryx unit the west of the battle to hold that flank. But when the unit was reroute to its position the Warcaster spotted a Cryx Rune on a banner in the back part of the battle to the southwest, he instantly know who’s banner it was. So he ordered his unit to the southwest to attack that unit. The problem was they were grossly outnumbered, but the Warcaster engaged anyways. He charged passed bane thrills, and a Deathripper to surprise the Lich with a sword slash the cleaved the left arm of the Lich clean off. But the success of this attack was short lived as the Lich retreated with a claw slash up his face ripping the helm off his head and putting two big cuts on the sides of the caster’s jaw. Then a Defiler Jack knocking him down with a blast to the chest, but he was able to summon a Ghost Shroud in time to survive the damage. If it wasn’t for the rest of the Cygnar forces breaking the Cryx’s lines the young Warcaster would have most likely died there at the feet of the now one armed lich. But instead a Cygnar Warjack destroyed the lich. And in the ensuing chaos the caster grabbed the arm and some of the parts of the downed Lich and retreated from the fight. After the Battle the Warcaster’s unit found only his helmet and parts of his armor and the Lech’s body. So he was declared K.I.A.

He went to a small mercenary village where he could make repairs and heal. There he started to examine the arm and parts he got from the Lich, but they looked like normal parts and armor plates. Well he put the gauntlet on that changed very quickly as his arm started to burn in the gauntlet. Once he finally got it off his arm was covered in Cry Xian runes and they mad a weird Formula. From what he could understand he learned Puppeteer spell and he could control willing Cryx Warjacks now. And in the parts was a set of mini cores for a compositor. With the help of a mercenary Mechanik he changed his armor around completely. The new capacitors mixed with his Storm Chamber to make six smaller units that used lightning and souls to power his armor. He added the Lich’s gauntlet to his armor as well. With a new understanding and new goals the caster decided not to return to the Cygnar and even the man he was. With his new armor he took the name of Haunter in honor of the ghosts who saved him and his new power source. I only understood a part of the runes on his arm. He need to learn more about Cryxian runes and so that was the way he headed.


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