Corporal Danila Harman

Blonde hair, glasses, athletic body, Unnaturally beautiful face


Danila was civilian surgeon with a habit of spending twice as much money as she made. To cover her largesse, she did occasional work transplanting organs in a private clinic. Unfortunately, she didn’t ask enough questions about how the organs had been acquired. When the organ-legger she was working for was busted, she faced umpteen counts of conspiracy to commit murder— her willful ignorance didn’t make her any less culpable.

She threw herself on the mercy of the court, and her sentence was suspended conditional on her putting in 30 years of service to the National Military. She hoped for Garrison Med station work or a government clinic, but the judge thought a tour in the Trenchers would serve her right.

She was over-educated to be a private, which meant she began as Corporal— leading a squad of five career Soldiers. With her civilian background and her tendency to stutter when she gets nervous, she is not a very good leader. So far she has kept her squad alive, though, and earned the grudging respect of some of her troops.

Corporal Danila Harman

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