Action in Immoren

Session 17

The Fallen Beast falls at the Fell sorcerers fallen feet

Priest Dominic Deegan immediately recognized one of the names in the blood oath. Rupen Myre is the owner of a middenstone factory by the river. Just a year ago he redid the church walls with middenstone. It was done very quickly and at an incredible price for the church.

They headed towards teh abondended church as it was closer. At the church they found a passage leading down into a series of caves. They found Keeper Myre at an alchemist table brewing something.

they snuck up on him, he had gagged himself with leather with runes he remmebred from teh book.

Suddendly the invisble creature showed up, exploding from under the ground.

Everyone ALPHA struck teh creature, Firestar hit with a HEx blast, temporarily dropping the creature invisibility.

It magical Camoflauge dropped.
It was a big scary cow!!!!
It wasnt invisible, it was Cow-moflauged!

{still creating adventure log.}


Coronado Coronado

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